How We Got Started

Discover the path…..   then make it new

Discover the path is a community-based organization that was started in 1996 in recognition of the transitions in the life cycles of women.

A group of women with a vision of the future and in anticipation of the needs that each stage of life brings introduced Discover the path to a select group of 30 clients.

We opened with a weekend that had several alternative practitioners providing a sample of natural and energy related services that would enhance and support general well being.

The event was well supported.

We moved on over the next 2 years to include alternative health care information and support to women confronted with decision-making crises.  Some of the issues identified were breast cancer treatments, Menopause and related endocrine disturbances, diabetes, mental health and general well being.

We choose to affiliate with Sacred Medicine Sanctuary and Seventh Ray Press in the US, who provided products and information particularily in the area of breast cancer care.

In the year 2000, we saw the need to integrate a spiritual component to our services in recognition of the deeper needs expressed by clientele facing life affirming decisions.  Discover the path at Hestia’s Hearth was incorporated and affiliated with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards (SHES).  This connection allowed us to find a medium acceptable to Faith, Religion, And Earth-Based Spirituality that would fulfill the needs of most of the women who seek our services.  This has been a powerful tool.  It has allowed the benefits of a feminine spiritual focus with positive role models from the distance and recent past.

In 2001 a permanent home was found for Discover the path at Hestia’s Hearth.  A Library of approximately 1800 books is being developed as well as a Centre for classes, teaching programs and meetings.

The future is here and the need for space to continue with our ultimate goal remains paramount.  Because we offer a unique grouping of services, we need the space to accommodate a more temporary, short-term client who may be traveling some distance for teaching, information or service.  Meal planning, Meditation, Therapy all require hands on teaching.  The value of juicing, for example, is important in the detoxification and support of tissues and organs stressed by drugs, and other treatment.  We want to pride ourselves on a homey atmosphere that creates a positive learning experience whether it be a day service or 3-5 day program.


Date Action
1996 Discover the Path is born as a health and wellness service to accommodate the needs of women in transition
1997 Discover the Path gets a logo and opens its doors for its first wellness weekend
1999 Hestia’s Hearth is born.  This is the Sanctuary that will house the services of Discover the Path
1999 Discover the Path joins resources with Sacred Medicine Sanctuary, then located in New Mexico
2000 Discover the Path and Hestia’s Hearth join to form Discover the Path at Hestia’s Hearth Spiritual Organization Inc in association with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards of Seattle, Washington
2001 A property is purchased to house Hestia’s Hearth
2003 The Board of Directors of Hestia’s Hearth agree in principle to create an Academy of Esoteric Arts and Sciences that will enable like minded individuals to be part of the rising need for Spiritual and Healing Arts.

 Our vision for the future

Provide accommodation for 3-5 women for daily visits and services.

Provide a satisfactory kitchen area that will enable teaching/training and meal planning

Allow a focus on healthy foods including a franchise for juicing and providing product to the clients and general public.

Allow private space for Energy Therapy, Therapeutic Counseling and Listening, quiet meditation

A home-like atmosphere for other related services within the larger community

For example:-

Lactation Consultant Services

Doula Services




Computer Resources

Spiritual Conflict Resolution

Gentle spa therapies

All participants in Discover the path and Discover the Path at Hestia’s Hearth have been trained and certified in the various modalities that are offered. Where the training has not been completed in the introduction of new services, affiliates are available to provide specialized services.

The Principals in this venture are trained professionals who have been supporting the programs with personal capital and time.  The principals will continue to do so until the program is self-supporting.

Originally written in 2004:-

In fact, when this was originally written, we were well underway but unforseen circumstances created great change.  Now we are located in Creemore ON, and much of what we planned is still underway but we are working out of a different location.  Please visit us at to see how our vision has manifested.

Life’s Enduring Journey

Life’s Enduring Journey – Part 1

We are all blessed with the presence of spirit.  In many cultures and traditions, Spirit derives from the same root as the word for breathing and inspiration.  On the day we draw our first breath we become a part of the living breathing universe and partake of a common spiritual energy which enfolds all of us and derives its own power from earth, sun, sea and air.  In the Desiderata we find these words;


You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

And from the day we draw our first breath, we begin an exciting journey of discovery which helps us to grow and meet the challenge of a spiritual being developing the human condition known as life.

From the very beginning of our journey we are offered many chances to learn. Each step along the way builds on the previous.  Each step provides a building block which allows us to take the leap of faith and move forward.

The eyes of a newborn see the world from the arms of a mother’s love.  We feel safe and secure in the physical comfort and strength of those arms which hold us firmly.  From there we learn to take those first steps into the larger environment of family and friends.  Early childhood is such an important time.  Differences, change and challenge all become a constant as we evolve from infancy to childhood.  We need those changes to ensure that we don’t become stuck in ideas and rigid thoughts which hamper our growth.  Adults should encourage children to actively seek challenges which teach them how to grow in strength and purpose.  One day, all too soon, we are young adults ready to face the larger world.

How will we step out there into the wide world?  How do we know that we can maintain a willingness to explore the diversity of humanity?  How can we do all this with a eagerness of spirit and an respectful awareness of our fellow travelers?

During those young adult years we must use the world of education and peer support to engage our senses and determine our destiny.  Will we lead or follow?  Will we make a change or fall into the comfort of routine accepting the status quo?  Questions will arise which should enable us to find the most meaningful path.  Sometimes we need to serve our own needs and sometimes the needs of others.  Our goal must be to know that in choosing a path we satisfy the soul’s yearning for a faith which sustains us, hope which fulfills us and a love which keeps us focused on the journey.

Many times in life we are confronted with a flash of insight. The crossroads of past present and future intersect. For the traveler it is a moment like no other.  We sense a wake up call to service or to serve.  We are asked to make a commitment to the integrity of our determined purpose or a cause beyond what we could even imagine.  The self awareness of that defining moment in our lives must resonate deeply within us.  And, we must answer the call.

Our life’s journey, may come early or it may come later.  It may be a product of the history we bring from our ancestors or it may be a result of the incident from childhood which drives us forward.  Sometimes tragedy is the cause and for others it may be an injustice which opens the door to a realization.  That moment of recognition is the culmination of one journey and the beginning of another.

First again

Reverend Judith Andrade,  My Ordination Journey.

Over the weekend of October 1-2 2011,
the second of my firsts came to fruition. Imagine at my great young middle age,
having the opportunity to participate in something new, something never done
before with an amazing group of people I never met for the second time in less
than three months!  My ordination as an
interfaith minister was as challenging as it gets.

Although I had been  ordained in 1999 through The International
Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, I didn’t take my divinity
degree until 2002-4, when  I realized a
dream to build a new and unique Ministry for and by women. The additional
training added a wonderful dimension to the work. The whole plan started to blossom
in 2004 only to have it shattered with the
sudden and unexpected death of my co-collaborator, dear friend and business

Everything was put on hold. For the first three years I was shattered, feeling
that perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. Then one day, I woke up, like Buddha and
wondered why I thought all the dreams we shared as friends  should end. Some dreams die with people who
share our goals, some have to be adjusted and some should go on in order to
honour the person and keep their spirit alive. This dream we had of helping
women and men to overcome trauma and childhood abuse was worthy and needed. Our
vision was not for ourselves but for how we could help others.

So I started on projects which clearly got me back on the right track. I
completed and published my two novels, The Will To Be True/In The Shadow of the
Blackbird and a third, Suspect, Love. Just as I completed my third book and
pitched it at the first ever ‘Pitchfest’ organized by my publisher in Hollywood,
I was offered a chance to be ordained
with the seminary where I completed my degree, something which was not
available at the time I graduated.

How do they connect?  The novels relate stories
of strong women who have overcome childhood traumas and succeeded where they
thought the status quo was the only option. On completing the books and having
them published, I was inspired to complete my own paths and fulfill my dreams.

Getting to the point of ordination was not easy. We were given three months to
complete herculean tasks (well it seemed that way to me). With much focus, I
finished the required courses, books, and services. ( I mean, who needed to
write another 10,000 word essay after writing a 100,00 word book). I mailed my
last assignment two days before the deadline and blamed Canada Post for not
getting it there on time. I wasn’t the only one but the College faculty were
beyond understanding and so patient with all of us because this whole
ordination things was new for them too.

Our group was just amazing. We were from all walks of life, sharing different
histories, but working with common purpose to prepare for our graduation and
bring our strengths to a multi-faith service in which we all took part.  I never met any of my colleagues but knew all
of them by voice. With very few hitches, we were all ordained by the hardworking
Director and Administrative Director of the College through the support of A
World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy.

Change and challenge are always
wonderful exercises which allow us to observe the strength of the human spirit.  As humans we are blessed with the ability to
look back at where we started and see where we reach then use that impetus to
move us forward. What will always please me is the chance I had to be first
again and pave the way for others. I am mindful in these later years of my life
that I must follow the example and goals set as a standard for life by my pioneering
grandmother way back in 1927. If I emulate her courage even for a day, I hope I
have made her proud of me.