The truth about herstory

is what we, at Hestia’s Hearth, call our journey. For women,
the lost heroes of our past and the glorious traditions that gave
us feminine warrior role models were lost or obscured in the
‘dark ages’. How and where ceases to be the issue. We know
that a fear based consciousness controlled much of the last
two-six thousand years of life on Gaia.
Many fine modern day writer warriors have picked up the
threads of herstory and made valuable contributions to our
knowledge base.
With a little imagination, we can picture the mother
warriors, agricultural warriors, farm warriors, ruler warriors
and others who lived and led by example.
When I learned that I have a rightful place in history,
alongside my brothers and other male warriors, I knew that
life would never be the same. I finally understood that my
mother and her mother and grandmothers before her had all
the eggs they would ever need for conception long before their
birth. I also knew then, that whatever energies existed in all
my grandmothers, it would be handed down to me through a
basic cellular memory.
Our intuition or cell memory facility tells us that we have been
creators, leaders, pacifists, developers and all manner of
unimagined warriors in the history of this planet. It didn’t need
to be written!
The lack of written word, in fact, means little historically but
remains a ‘reliable’ source for doubting seekers. For
example,the teachings of Jesus were never recorded at the time
of his ministry. He is barely a footnote in documented Roman
history. His supporters and followers believed in him though
and carried his word forward, in the oral tradition. It wasn’t
until years after his death before they were written as the
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Still his message of
love and peace was carried to the masses by word of mouth for
hundreds of years.
In the case of our maternal ancestors, the natural finctions of
living did not need to be recorded as proof of lives worth living.
Had our grandmothers known however, that herstory would
have been so corrupted as to exclude the contribution of women
from the basic human condition of reproducing life, then
surely, someone would have written or reproduced some thing
to document courageously rather than vilify maliciously the
contribution of childbirth.  We are finally reclaiming the right to                    control the functions of the body which are uniquely ours.
I believe that the spirit of our ancestors has been called upon
to visit us in this new age shift so as to activate that cellular
memory. This allows modern writer warriors to let it be known
to one and all that the Feminine Spirit endures and is
Know that the message is already there within our hearts
beating uniformly in a tradition of knowing that is not well
used or understood today.
This is where we start with our program… listening to the
whispers of our ancestors at a deeper level of history from
which herstory can be illuminated.
Believe it to be true and it is!