Granny’s wisdom for the future

My grandmother came to this country in 1927. She left behind her young son to be raised by his father. They were not married. She was looking for a better life for herself and her large extended family. It was twelve years before she was reunited with her son. It was nearly eight years more before she was able to bring him and his wife and two children to Canada. I was one of those two children, little more than a baby.
The lives we lived as a family helped to shape my character. The community in which I was raised helped to shape my knowledge of life. I have believed, all my life that my destiny was formed before I was born. What I learned from my Grandmother was that nothing was impossible. How much effort I put into anything would yield results equal to the effort. It took many years for that simple value to be understood and acted on.
I started my working life as a nurse, travelling to England, Jamaica and then back home before settling in to the rigors of being a wife, mother and career person. If you ask me what was most important to me, it was to learn and to pass on that desire to my children. In the culture of my family, based on their background, getting an education was considered an opportunity to make a better life. Without it I would never be independant.
Now I am on my third career and loving it. My nursing has paved the way for me to be in touch with people from all over the world. I sincerely believe that human contact feeds the spirit. Being a Spiritual Minister has taught me how to draw people together to share ritual service in joy and in sorrow. This is a powerful and meaningful way to raise the energy of humanity to spiritual levels.