Granny’s wisdom for the future

My grandmother came to this country in 1927. She left behind her young son to be raised by his father. They were not married. She was looking for a better life for herself and her large extended family. It was twelve years before she was reunited with her son. It was nearly eight years more before she was able to bring him and his wife and two children to Canada. I was one of those two children, little more than a baby.
The lives we lived as a family helped to shape my character. The community in which I was raised helped to shape my knowledge of life. I have believed, all my life that my destiny was formed before I was born. What I learned from my Grandmother was that nothing was impossible. How much effort I put into anything would yield results equal to the effort. It took many years for that simple value to be understood and acted on.
I started my working life as a nurse, travelling to England, Jamaica and then back home before settling in to the rigors of being a wife, mother and career person. If you ask me what was most important to me, it was to learn and to pass on that desire to my children. In the culture of my family, based on their background, getting an education was considered an opportunity to make a better life. Without it I would never be independant.
Now I am on my third career and loving it. My nursing has paved the way for me to be in touch with people from all over the world. I sincerely believe that human contact feeds the spirit. Being a Spiritual Minister has taught me how to draw people together to share ritual service in joy and in sorrow. This is a powerful and meaningful way to raise the energy of humanity to spiritual levels.

Being first and the first time ever!

Finally, there is feedback on the Hollywood pitch program.  What an experience that was.  I always like to be first in everything.  Ever since I got married and moved from the letter K to the letter A, I have gotten used to being called first.  Being called up front early removes the possibility of deepening anxiety and prolonged nervous reactions and if I am good, I set the standard for others.  Once it is over I can chill out.  Those three possibilities have defined my actions since the name change 43 years ago.  It is an awesome responsibility and one which has helped me grow as a person.

Online feedback does not put me first.  We all got our feedback emails today and I am happy with mine.  We were mostly amateurs trying to do something unique for the first time ever.  So from that perspective, I will have been  in the first group who attended the event.  My holiday trip fulfilled a childhood dream, one of my first.  Writing was also a childhood dream fulfilled.  Having even one person in Hollywood consider my book worth bringing to screen is beyond anything I could imagine……..another first.

As I stood at the base of the MGM building in Hollywood and watched the sun glint off its windows, the view left me feeling like a kid.  It is much like how I felt the first time I stood in Disneyland and saw Mickey Mouse except now I am an adult and for the first time ever, I see and feel what it means to achieve something with sustained conscious effort, disregarding reward but doing it first and foremost because it is just the right thing.

Why I write fanfiction

Writing, or rather story telling has always been a love of mine. Being a hopeless romantic, most of the stories I create will define my ideal of falling in love and overcoming life’s challenges to make it work. This fantasy fiction writing is a little different from the usual romance stories which I love to write. I have found that adding a little adventure and mystery helps me to enjoy the crafting of a story.

I am an old TV baby, growing up in the 50’s. I can remember when we didn’t have TV and the excitmement of getting our first black and white screen back in 1954. Serialized stories were still a big part of radio and early television. I have loved the ‘cliff hanger’ ever since. It allows the imagination to run wild while waiting for the sequel.

I have been a big fan of Beauty and The Beast since the inception of the TV show in 1987. The recent release of the DVD’s was instrumental in motivating me to write into the present time to give Jacob his mother back. The story line was inspired by a friend who took a similar journey. I hope I have done her justice while remaining true to the characters in her life and those of BATB. The concept of lost and found has a great deal of resonance for me. I believe that in birth we lose something of our connection to a greater world and our time spent on earth consists of a yearning to reconnect either with people who drive our life story or a desire to find a higher energy power which to some is known as ‘God’. I did not have the heart to rewrite what others have done in the past. We can’t alter history but we can refashion the future from our vast store of knowledge.

When the show first aired, I was so taken with the love story, it pushed me to fulfill a life long dream of writing my own book. I find it strange that the book was not published for twenty years. I put down the manuscript when the show ended. When I was able to sit and soak up the BATB stories on DVD, I was again inspired to refine and complete that book. At the same time, I felt an obligation to create online BATB stories of my own using some characters from the past as well as new ones who invade my dreams asking for release.

Last year, I was able to publish my book, The Will to be True/In the Shadow of the Blackbird. It is also crafted as a complex love story and set locally in Southern Ontario. Visit my blog page for more information.

July/2011 update My new novel, Suspect, Love published in May 2011 is now available from or More information can be found at my blog site above.


The truth about herstory

is what we, at Hestia’s Hearth, call our journey. For women,
the lost heroes of our past and the glorious traditions that gave
us feminine warrior role models were lost or obscured in the
‘dark ages’. How and where ceases to be the issue. We know
that a fear based consciousness controlled much of the last
two-six thousand years of life on Gaia.
Many fine modern day writer warriors have picked up the
threads of herstory and made valuable contributions to our
knowledge base.
With a little imagination, we can picture the mother
warriors, agricultural warriors, farm warriors, ruler warriors
and others who lived and led by example.
When I learned that I have a rightful place in history,
alongside my brothers and other male warriors, I knew that
life would never be the same. I finally understood that my
mother and her mother and grandmothers before her had all
the eggs they would ever need for conception long before their
birth. I also knew then, that whatever energies existed in all
my grandmothers, it would be handed down to me through a
basic cellular memory.
Our intuition or cell memory facility tells us that we have been
creators, leaders, pacifists, developers and all manner of
unimagined warriors in the history of this planet. It didn’t need
to be written!
The lack of written word, in fact, means little historically but
remains a ‘reliable’ source for doubting seekers. For
example,the teachings of Jesus were never recorded at the time
of his ministry. He is barely a footnote in documented Roman
history. His supporters and followers believed in him though
and carried his word forward, in the oral tradition. It wasn’t
until years after his death before they were written as the
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Still his message of
love and peace was carried to the masses by word of mouth for
hundreds of years.
In the case of our maternal ancestors, the natural finctions of
living did not need to be recorded as proof of lives worth living.
Had our grandmothers known however, that herstory would
have been so corrupted as to exclude the contribution of women
from the basic human condition of reproducing life, then
surely, someone would have written or reproduced some thing
to document courageously rather than vilify maliciously the
contribution of childbirth.  We are finally reclaiming the right to                    control the functions of the body which are uniquely ours.
I believe that the spirit of our ancestors has been called upon
to visit us in this new age shift so as to activate that cellular
memory. This allows modern writer warriors to let it be known
to one and all that the Feminine Spirit endures and is
Know that the message is already there within our hearts
beating uniformly in a tradition of knowing that is not well
used or understood today.
This is where we start with our program… listening to the
whispers of our ancestors at a deeper level of history from
which herstory can be illuminated.
Believe it to be true and it is!