Being first and the first time ever!

Finally, there is feedback on the Hollywood pitch program.  What an experience that was.  I always like to be first in everything.  Ever since I got married and moved from the letter K to the letter A, I have gotten used to being called first.  Being called up front early removes the possibility of deepening anxiety and prolonged nervous reactions and if I am good, I set the standard for others.  Once it is over I can chill out.  Those three possibilities have defined my actions since the name change 43 years ago.  It is an awesome responsibility and one which has helped me grow as a person.

Online feedback does not put me first.  We all got our feedback emails today and I am happy with mine.  We were mostly amateurs trying to do something unique for the first time ever.  So from that perspective, I will have been  in the first group who attended the event.  My holiday trip fulfilled a childhood dream, one of my first.  Writing was also a childhood dream fulfilled.  Having even one person in Hollywood consider my book worth bringing to screen is beyond anything I could imagine……..another first.

As I stood at the base of the MGM building in Hollywood and watched the sun glint off its windows, the view left me feeling like a kid.  It is much like how I felt the first time I stood in Disneyland and saw Mickey Mouse except now I am an adult and for the first time ever, I see and feel what it means to achieve something with sustained conscious effort, disregarding reward but doing it first and foremost because it is just the right thing.


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